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posted Aug 22, 2012, 8:29 AM by Rise St. Lucia

What would make your life better? Many youth responded that if they worked hard, got a good education and stayed away from violence, their life would be better. And a few said that they are happy with their lives just as they are. Highlights of the responses include:

“Stop crime”

“that in st. Lucia they would have less violence and more educational opportunities.”

“My life would be better if I was getting better grades in school.”

“If there was no crime, no preference and more love in this country.”

“I think that if my life would be better if St. Lucia was free from violence”

“If there were more clubs in my area”

“Financial aid to further my education”

“More job opportunities”

“More extra curricular activities in my community”

“To be treated with respect and equality by other people.”

“Well just entertaining us by having talk shows, activities to enlighten the youth cause being a youth is nice but also frustrating. Thank you.”

“Finish secondary school with 1’s and distinctions and attend “A” level

‘Things that would make my life better: If my parents were not so financially stressed and it may be easier for me and would have probably done so much better.”

“What would make my life better is knowing that I can walk on the street and know I am safe.”

“I think the life I have now is good, so I am not thinking of a better one more than this.”

“The thing that would make my life better is for me to get a good education and a good job.”

“My learning would be better life if there are more learning activities to keep me from trouble.”


“To make my life better I would read more books to become more knowledgeable”

“The thing that will make my life better is to take a good health in my work and take my work seriously.”

“Build places where we might be occupied like a court, field, tennis court so we could be safe from violence.”

“Less violence and quarreling”

“Knowing that I live in a safe environment and that when I walk on the streets a stray bullet won’t knock me down. Or if the flogging of students is banned because some teachers are abusive and harm the youth.”

“A decrease in discrimination when it comes to skin colours.”

“My life is already good as is; there is not anything to make my life better.”

“Staying away from crime and quarreling will make my life better”

“Education would make my life a lot better”

“Peace in St. Lucia would make my life better.”

“A change in young people from negative to positive. They make choices and try to run form the consequences

“My life would be better with a safer St. Lucia, with a St. Lucia where one could feel safe at their house, where one could walk the streets at any time and not have to keep turning back to make sure nobody is following you, when you could trust people to stay at your house and not worry about them stealing your valuables. I want the old St. Lucia back. The Saint Lucia filled with peace, love, cooperation and prayer.

“My life would be better if St. Lucia was providing jobs”


A Day In The Life Of 17 yr old Sheldon “Upon waking up in the morning, I say my daily prayers to the Lord above. My dad places me on my wheelchair and wheels me to the living room. He feeds me breakfast and brushes my teeth. At 9am he places me on the sofa to watch a television programme or a movie. At approximately 12pm, my dad serves me lunch and I listen to the lunch- time news. Following the news, I watch TV for the rest of the day. I may fall asleep on the sofa or in my room. Then, I have supper and watch the evening news on HTS, since this is the only available channel to me. I may watch a movie or a comedy show and then retire for the night………I am a 17 year old youth with an active mind, and I will do the very same things tomorrow.” S. N – disabled youth


If you could say anything to the adults and leaders of St. Lucia about children, what would it be?

  • No discipline Stop beating children
  • Don’t abuse the children Give the children what they want
  • Help children a lot more, be more supportive
  • Proper manners
  • In order to be respected, you must respect children Food, shelter and clothing
  • Protect your children and treat them with respect Care more for themselves
  • Provide them with their needs, wants and shelter Treat them good
  • Be kind and faithful, respect others opinions More respect
  • Give them enough love so they won’t express anger on other children that have enough love
  • First help the parents going through problems with their husbands, so that they don’t pass the anger onto their children