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Objectives for the Road to Geneva Project

posted Aug 22, 2012, 7:14 AM by Rise St. Lucia
The Road to Geneva NGO Coalition has agreed on the following objectives for the reporting project:
  • to open a debate on the status of children in St. Lucia and to raise national awareness of the issue of children’s rights, foremost amongst children and youth themselves
  • to encourage and facilitate public familiarization with governmental, as well as NGO, policies and legislation pertaining to children, youth and their rights
  • to engage the Media and the Private sector towards greater awareness of their potential role in protecting and advancing the cause of children’s rights in St. Lucia
  • to offer a vehicle to effectively disseminate facts and research findings on the status of children in St. Lucia such as is needed for the recent UNICEF Caribbean child sexual abuse project; as well as to air the mandates and activities of partner agencies and improve their youth reach and membership
  • to assist each NGO coalition member to clarify its own policies and procedures and to strengthen their interventions for children and youth
  • to create a forum to have meaningful dialogue with government about the State’s efforts to comply with the UN CRC with a view to enhancing NGO-government synergy in its implementation and ultimately in the protection of children’s rights
  • to create a permanent mechanism for monitoring and recording of the state’s efforts in the implementation of the UN CRC
  • to engage children and young people themselves in the monitoring and required reporting process for UN CRC implementation
  • to continue support for their continuing human rights advocacy and lobbying after 2010
  • to make recommendations to government and NGO’s for the development of relevant policies, protocols and programming, as well as legislative changes, towards the realization of a compre