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What We Do

What We Do

Rise was incorporated in 2007 and has since organized, supported and participated in a number of youth activities and programs in St. Lucia.  Here are some highlights:

In the Future Plans:

Youth Obesity 1st Responder team training; Youth Self-Defense & CPR/1st Aid training with St. Lucia Heart, Lung & Blood Foundation, Royal St. Lucia Community Police & St. Johns Ambulance Brigade; 1st 1000 Days Importance awareness-raising campaign

April ’19 – Launch of SAFE SPACES Futsal Peace league in Central Castries communities with St. Lucia Football Association, Bank of Saint Lucia, Blue Waters and other partners
June ’18 - SAFE SPACES community leasdership and peace-building project launch in the Ciceron community  <https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pK9u0OURJ1g>  
September ’18 - Youth & Community Bystander CPR training with St. Lucia Heart, Lung & Blood Foundation
November ’18 – Anglican Mothers’ Union Parenting Program training-of-trainers collaboration
November 18- present SAFE SPACES Ciceron Parenting Initiative
January ’17 - Safe Spaces Community leadership and Peace initiative planning/development in Castries basin communities
All throughout 2017 – Mobile health clinic-community health/peace outreach – RISE, Planned Parenthood, Community Relations Police
March ’16 - CARICOM Regional Strategy on Violence against children workshop Part2
March ’16 – Domestic Violence Practitioner Empowerment training with Dr. Marilia Lohmann Couri, Clinical Psychologist
March ’16 – OECS Juvenile Justice Reform Project practitioner training participation
May – July ‘16 – SLHTA-sponsored Good Food Revolution organic farmer training workshops
July ’16 – RBC Young Leaders’ SK graduation address <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7WTnvhQVL4&sns=em>
October ’16 – Hurricane Matthew aid to Haiti in partnership with Enfants Soleils d’Avenir Caraibes (ESA-Caraibes)
November ’16  -  International Youth Foundation (Re)Connecting Youth Global Advisory Committee (GAC)  nomination 
January ’15 –Youth Renewal Program - RISE, CARE, Borderlais Correctional facility joint Life/Technical skills training
April ’15 – BPP University/British Caribbean Chamber Commerce/RISE UK scholarship initiative: TV clips: CTV<m.youtube.com/watch?v-W8EeCAQnva0>; <m.youtube.com/watch?v=0RTA181MQ00>; <m.youtube.com/watch?v=UEkV2e-7KZE>; HTS<m.youtube.com/watch?v=GyxTlqmJiis>; MBC<m.youtube.com/watch?v=rpzq80BFpac>;  DBS<m.youtube.com/watch?v=s9GhzdNd_A>;  
April ’15 – 3rd annual RISE Youth Film festival
April ’15 – Formal launch of Youth Advocacy Alliance (St. Lucia)
May ’15 – UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme project - “Revolutionizing food production by reducing toxic chemicals and harmful GMOs in the St. Lucian food chain” – with Ministries of Sustainable Development & Agriculture
June ’15 –New Zealand Govt./OECS/SSDF/Min. Social Transformation, Infrastructure/ La Clery Flood Mitigation project
February ’14 - Seventh Day Adventists Schools National Bullying week – Understanding Bullying lecture (JB)
March ’14 – EU-funded Youth in Action Young Blue Entrepreneurs Across the World project with Jus’Sail
April ’14 - 2nd annual RISE Youth Film festival
May ’14 – 2nd cohort of RISE-IIT now ‘Caribbean Visionaries’ Scholarship Initiative graduates
May ’14 – Monroe College Caribbean Leadership Forum: Crime Reduction Strategies & Democratic Policing: Respect for Community & Human Rights (SK)
June ’14 – Consultation on National Juvenile Justice Strategy with Ministry of Social Transformation (NW)
June ’14 – Juvenile Justice Reform Project Roundtable on Institutional Framework for the Management of OECS Rehabilitation Centers (NW)
July ’14 - Juvenile Justice Reform Project /OECS Juvenile Justice Training workshop/Consultants H. Thompson-Ayhe, Hyman (NW) 
July ’14 - REMAND JUSTICE! Position paper - a group of concerned citizens advocating for a reduction of persons held on remand at Bordelais Correctional Facility 
August ’14 - Increasing Caribbean Advocacy Through OPR/OAS with United and Strong and Cariflags EC hub (NW) 
September ’14 - Juvenile Justice Reform Project video conference training in Framework for Diversion, SLU (NW)
September ’14 - Juvenile Justice Reform Project Regional Stakeholders Consultation, Antigua (NW)
October ’14 – Ministry of Youth Development & Sport with Sport UK launch of Beckwith International Leadership Development Program (NW)
November ’14 – Annual International Child Rights week presentations – daily Media UNCRC readings; school/community presentations; media house interviews; International Men’s day fair (Nov. 19th)
December ’14 – 1st National Consultation on Discipline with Ministry of Education with RISE youth leaders
December ’14 - UNICEF After Action Review Workshops
February ’13 collaboration with Johnson & Wales University and Rainbow Bridge project in Aux Leon, Dennery
February ’13 – One Billion Rising celebration rally with PROSAF-Surviving Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean
March ’13 - Inter-American Human Rights Commission Child Rights Rapporteur promotional visit with national consultation on Corporal Punishment and St. Lucia’s UN Post-2015 Vision for Children planning workshops: ; DBS TV http://youtu.be/1908COeDdYI; HTS TV http://youtu.be/vbemmQsdWX4
March-April ’13 - RISE Youth Film Festival with training workshops (Youth in Film – C. Weekes; Entrepreneurship-T. Leonard; Story-Telling-M. Serieux); film screenings; Awards night – with UNDP, COURTS http://news.stluciastar.com/film-festival-exposes-creativity/; http://www.youtube.com/user/RISEFILMFESTIVAL?feature=watch
March ’13 - World Pediatric Project annual cardiac clinic with Tapion Foundation: DBS:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NjXvHJntqHc>; HTS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gtfRq5oqMQU>
April ‘13 - SALCC National Library & Information Week donation of children’s books and crayons
April ’13 – Micoud Community Relations Police Youth Love Sexual Abuse Awareness march and rally
April ’13 - Global Youth Service Day 2013 projects with SLU Red Cross, CYEN and other partners
April ’13 - Ryan Mack Youth financial literacy and mentoring tour
May ’13 – National tree planting with St. Lucia National Trust & Rotary St. Lucia
May ’13 – Caribbean Development Bank VYBZING Youth & Road Safety workshop
May ’13 1st cohort of RISE-IIT‘St. Lucian Visionaries’ Scholarship Initiative graduates
June ’13 – Nominated to Advisory Group for Caribbean Coalition against Corporal Punishment of Children
June ’13 – Sacred Sports Foundation Sports in Black & White conference & Youth Forum http://www.sacredsportsinc.com/conference/index2.html
June ’13 – International School Graduation feature address Global Citizenship and Service - J. Bird
June ’13 – International Youth Foundation, USAID & partners “Investing in the Future: Empowering Young People” Caribbean Youth Employability conference http://www.iyfnet.org/CYEP; CYEP case study: <http://library.iyfnet.org/sites/default/files/library/Preparing_Youth_In_Conflict_CYEP.pdf>
July ’13 - Community Relations Police Parenting Workshop lectures, Micoud & Pierrot, Child Abuse
July ’13 – Anti-Bullying Campaign (public lecture, school tours) with Caribbean Mentorship Institute
August ’13 – Two Volunteers (6 month tours) join RISE from Daneford Trust UK
August ’13 – National Public Relations Seminar; Ministry of Social Transformation
August ’13 – Collaboration meeting in London with UK St. Lucian Young Persons Assoc.(JB with SLYPA)
August ’13 – National Parenting Workshop presentation
August ’13 – Youth Summer Camps with Ministry of Youth & Sports
September ’13 – Belair Anti-Violence & Community Mentoring Initiative
October ’13 - Presentation at 66th Pre-Sessional Working Group of Committee on Rights of the Child, Geneva (JB, ML)
November ’13 – Annual International Child Rights week presentations - daily Media UNCRC readings; school/community presentations; media house interviews; daily Media UNCRC readings; school/community presentations; media house interviewsDecember ’13 – Xmas Holiday Children’s Party with TOCO and HTS (bikes and toys donations by TOCO)
January ’12 – Youth Advocacy Alliance formation – with SLU Chamber of Commerce; National Skills Development Centre; CARE; Belfund; Sacred Sports Foundation; Junior Achievement; National Youth Council
Feb. ’12 - World Bank Boys Out of Risk pilot survey through Universalia (RISE Youth Ambassadors)
March ’12 World Pediatric Project (formerly International Hospital for Children) annual cardiac clinic http://stluciastar.com/content/news/free-surgeries-for-st-lucian-children/; HTS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0Z2_TFFzEM&feature=relmfu; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WXXRvSPeKJ4
March ’12 - Youth Service America acceptance as Country Partner for Global Youth Service Day 2012
April ’12 – Ministry of Youth & Sports Youth month team - GYSD 2012 activities coordinator
April ’12 – GYSD ’12 & Earth Day national tree planting activity with RISE. Saint Lucia National Trust; Min. of Youth/Sustainable Development; Forestry Dept; Caribbean Youth Environmental network
April ‘12 Earth Day Expo - Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN), RISE, Caribbean SEA, Royal Bank of Canada - a showcase of environmental organizations’ efforts to protect the environment
May ’12 – International Youth Foundation’s Passport to Success Life Skills Facilitation Training-of-Trainers workshop, St. Lucia http://www.iyfnet.org/news/2377
May ’12 – Community Relations Branch of Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) Parenting Programme presentations (Laborie; Micoud) Safe Spaces, a safer St. Lucia 
May ’12 - AIDS Free World/United & Strong Inc. workshop on Human Rights violations (G. Moses)
May ’12 - RISE youth in 2012 Caribbean Report on Prohibiting corporal punishment progress (Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment; Global Movement for Children in L. America and Caribbean)
May ’12 – challenge to the Minister of Education to exercise his authority and responsibility under Section 51 of Education Act, 1999 to ban/suspend corporal punishment by RISE Co-Founder Senator Dr. Stephen King in his 2012 annual budget response senate speech
June 4th ’12 – International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Abuse Press statement on Child Abuse http://stlucianewssourced.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/rise-recognises-united-nations-international-day-of-innocent-children-victims-of-aggression-june-4th-2012/
June ’12 World Day Against Child Labour (WADCL) Education International presentation on Child Rights to St. Lucian teachers (J. Bird, A. Sanders-Kim, S. Alexander); See primary schoolers against Corporal Punishment <http://youtu.be/zzIY2zS7bQk>
June ’12 - Boys Underachievement National Consultation (M. Charles rep)
June ’12 – International Youth Foundation Global Partners Forum, Washington, USA – Panel discussion on Support for Psycho-social needs of Highly Vulnerable Youth - J. Bird; See YouthWork Fall newsletter at: http://www.iyfnet.org/sites/default/files/YouthWork_Newsletter_Fall2012.pdf
July ’12 - Community Relations Police Parenting Programme (Mon Repos) Child Obesity - J. Bird
July ’12 - St. Lucia’s 1st UN CRC NGO shadow report launch and presentation to Finnish Ambassador
July ’12 - Regional Red Cross Youth Camp presentations – S. King; J. Bird; A. Sanders-Kim; RTG youth
July ’12 - St. Lucia National Trust 4th annual Youth Environment Forum - World Environment Day theme “Green Economy: Does it include you?”
July-August ’12 - Youth Sports summer camps through Sacred Sports Foundation
August ’12 – OAS & Inter-American Children’s Institute (IIN) Traces of Child Participation project video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=cydUDXoFkIo
August ’12 – RISE Resource Centre development with assistance from US Embassy, Barbados; Mr. Martin Felix, Johnson & Wales University – computer lab; workshops (Resume Writing; Entrepreneurship readiness)
August ’12 – training of Ministry of Health ‘GAPHs’ (Group of Adolescents Promoting Health)
August ’12 – launch of Rotary Youth Mobile clinic with SLU Planned Parenthood, NSDC, Belfund
September ’12 UNDP Engaging Youth in Citizens’ Security workshop; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZaWbXSTd0A&feature=plcp
September ’12 - CXC and SAT English, Math classes (one-to-one tutoring)
October ’12 – Single Mothers Employment Programme retreat lecture; J. Bird http://www.htsstlucia.org/2012_News/October/HTS_News_October_12_th_2012.htm#smi
October ’12 – Boys Training Centre staff lecture on Positive Discipline – Bird; King
October ’12 Education International Women’s Leadership Training for Caribbean Teachers lecture-Bird; King
November ’12 –Phase II Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) Employability project with IYF, USAID, National Skills Development Center, CARE, BelFUND, SLU Chamber of Commerce: Skills Training (technical/life) & Job Placement for highly vulnerable (in gangs, probation, prison) youth; Career Counseling Centre & Entrepreneurship training; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTipA9U5oYs&list=UUheIl4w5xWifytdbiVJ72sw&index=1&feature=plcp; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12ugh1Zq6AE&feature=plcp and http://www.iyfnet.org/news/2433
November ’12 Global Entrepreneurship Week with St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce and partners
November ’12 UN International Men’s Day activities - with Division of Gender Relations; Men’s Resource center
November ’12 – Youth-Talk Through Arts talent showcase with Youth-In, UNDP
November ’12 – Child Rights week activities: daily Media CRC readings; Schools Child Rights presentations (Gros Islet Primary <http://youtu.be/zzIY2zS7bQk>); youth Video training, Youth in Radio and Spoken Word workshops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_LteInsKAQ&feature=youtu.be; Sports Association coaches Child Protection training; Road to Geneva youth researchers media appearances (Ava Ellis Youth Radio talk show (FM 109.7); other TV shows)
November ’12 – Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) 19 days against child abuse campaign participant <http://19days.woman.ch/index.php/en/active-campaign-participants/activities-events
December ’12 – Xmas Holiday Children’s Party with TOCO and HTS (scooter and toys donations by TOCO)


February ’11 - Hurricane Tomas Disaster Relief project funded by PricewaterhouseCoopers Caribbean

April ’11 - Junior Visionaries After School Program – Sir Ira Simmons Sec. supported by Min of Social Transformation

March ’11 - OBRA Caribbean YUTE Program with St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce

May ’11 -WALKING WITH GIANTS: A Leadership & Development Seminar – a RISE (St. Lucia) Inc., Soloricon, SLISBA collaboration focusing on the practical dynamics of leadership, development and entrepreneurship; aimed at generating a national discussion and establishing a national network dedicated to enhancing leadership and development at school, community and national levels; guest speaker, Dr. Bramwell Osula, co-author of “Walking with Giants: The Role of Confidence, Ingenuity, and Ordinary People in the Making of Development”, School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Regent University, Virginia

May-July11 - IIT-based St. Lucian Visionaries community/schools’ outreach

June ’11-World Youth Alliance “Healthy Youth: Strong Future” Conference, international experts on the latest in reproductive health, sexuality, HIV/AIDS and educating at-risk youth.

June ’11 - 2nd Annual Shining Star Gala & Awards Ceremony: “Join Us, We’re on the RISE!”, recognizing exemplary youth, youth-supporting adults and organizations in a grand Gala fund-raiser

June ’11 CYEP Learning Platform updated with new layout and functionally available for all of the CYEP partners throughout the Caribbean to share program information.

July ’11 Dress to Impress launch - “La Boutique Jennais” opened on Monday 11th July 2011. In the initial phase of the project, the boutique will offer Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) trainees with the access proper work attire.

August ’11 Assisted with the “Sign-up” initiative to get more youth involved in clubs and activities in their communities.

August ’11 Dr. Bramwell Osula is returned to St. Lucia in partnership with RISE (St. Lucia) Inc. to continue the discussion started with the Leadership and Development seminar in May with a workshop on Developing Effective Leaders Through Mentoring. The workshop looked at the need for mentoring and how to become a good mentor and leader

August ’11 Second Cohort of students left for IIT. Nine brilliant St Lucian Visionaries left for Chicago to pursue their dreams through studying at the Illinois Institute of Technology following in the footsteps of last year’s group

August ’11 Drop in Centre and Youth friendly space opens in the Gablewoods office offering a variety of services (homework help, resume review, scholarship search assistance, application help), entertainment and educational lectures.

September ’11 Junior Visionaries After School Program at Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School resumes with a ‘Go Green’ theme.

September ’11 Attending the Peace Corps sponsored HIV/AIDS workshop with representatives from SAFE and ICAN. 

November ’11 RISE Non-Violent Election appeal Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPEI7-N4ej4

November ’11 – Child Rights week ‘Fun Walk, Run, Ride for Rights’ with National Cycle Association; Forestry Dept; SLPPA; Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers; YouTube ad : http://youtu.be/2u3uBbgikGY

November ’11 – Digicel 2011 Caring Connections (Special Needs focus) Board membershiphttp://www.digicelstlucia.com/en/about/news/digicel-to-invest-over-ec300000-to-assist-persons-with-special-need

December ’11 – Civil Society groups collaboration meeting; FaceBook Leadership/Development group formed

December ‘ 11 - June ’12 Road To Geneva – Child Rights Research & Advocacy Project – report publications & results dissemination activities funded by Embassy of Finland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSvW_Ug7t8&feature=youtu.be


March ’10 Borderlais Correctional facility 2010 warden recruits training

March ’10 InternationalYouth Foundation Caribbean Youth Empowerment program (CYEP) MoreVulnerable Youth Employability Project design workshop

April ’10 IYF OBRA Youth Work Launch, initiative for youth at risk. creating multi-sector alliances, identifying/sharing best practices, education/ employability projects

April ’10 Global Youth Service Day - Community Challenge Adventure youth leadership and community service program in Soufriere

April, May, June’10 National HIV/AIDS Policy meetings

April’10 ROAD TO GENEVA Disabled Peer-Find Sub-Project - a youth-led Community Mapping of youth with disabilities within the Road To Geneva Child Rights project

April ’10 UNICEF 2010 End of Cycle Review Youth Focus Group on Youth Rights

May ’10 Annual Blindness Awareness Month Youth Summit participation

June ’10 National Youth Parliament mentorship, S. King & J. Bird

June ’10 Member, Women’s World Summit Foundation 2010 Coalition

June ’10 CARICOM Civil Society Project consultation

June ’10 IYF Invitation to the OBRA YouthWork Caribbean Partnership

June ’10 TOMORROW STARTS NOW (TSN) national youth mobilization movement See TSN on Facebook or emailtsnsaintlucia@gmail.com

June ’10 Visit of Dr. Carl Mack, Executive Director of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE); renowned USA Youth motivator and educator

July ’10 International Youth Foundation Guatemala OBRA Youth Work Learning Event

August ’10 NSBE/RISE/GOLDMAN SACHS/SALCC/IIT ‘St. Lucian Visionaries’ Scholarship Initiative: Academic initiativepromoting STEM+ (science, technology, engineering, math, psychology) education pipeline & job creation; students’mentorship of younger youth, volunteerism in their communities, ongoing leadership in STEM-related areas

August ’10 World Youth Conference, NGO Global Meeting, Mexico; M. Trim represented

Sept. ’10 More Vulnerable Youth Employability project with IYF’s USAID-funded Caribbean Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) with National Skills Development Center & CARE: Skills (technical/life)Training & Job Placement for 250 highly vulnerable (in gangs, probation, prison) youth; 

October ’10 Upton Gardens’ Girls Life Skills training lectures – A. Palmeri & team

October ’10 Monroe College annual graduation lecture: How Are the Children? – S. King

October ’10 UNODC Regional consultation to review the draft Caribbean Community Social Development and Crime Prevention action plan – G. Moses

October ’10 Micoud Secondary School annual Fifth Form retreat presentation: Realities of Life - Youth Thrillers & Killers – J. Bird

October ’10 IYF Global Partners meeting, Washington – S. King

October ’10 Laborie Boys’ primary school PTA Symposium: Confronting the Challenge of Male Under-performance – S. King

October ’10 Caribbean Youth Micro-enterprise program (CYEMP) Youth Market Opportunity Assessment training workshops and field research – G. Moses; M. Charles

November ’10 International Youth Foundation Peru OBRA Youth Work Learning Event – J. Leshnower

November ’10 – Hurricane Tomas Disaster Relief agency and community mobilize – Hurricane Relief Telethon with HTS & Radio 100; Castries

relief supplies collections & donations management ; community-based distributions through identified community leaders; new member of

National Emergency Management Org. (NEMO) Supplies team

November ’10 – Hurricane Tomas Disaster Relief Environmental Health & Sanitation project with Caribbean Environmental Health Institute

(CEHI) & Dept. of Environmental Health, Ministry of Health (water purification, hygienic toilets & showers for Fond St. Jacques hurricane shelters) funded through German Embassy

November ’10 – St. Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) funded Post- Hurricane Tomas Livelihood restoration ‘Rebuild Our World’ Song &

Music video production with Off The Wall Productions; I.V Productions, Boo Hinkson Studio, St. Lucian artistes

November ’10 - World Association on Sustainable Development 8th International Conference, Youth Panel


February ‘09 - RISE invited to sit on the National Community Foundation’s Youth-at-Risk committee – Jan ‘09Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) National Lead Agency acceptance

February ‘09 - Invited to Ministry of Youth & Sports Youth month planning team

February ‘09 - St. Lucia Peace Corps Host agency – assigned PC volunteer for 2 year attachment

April '09 Global Youth Service day ’09 –I CAN-led “Home for the Day” Soufriere youth homeless feeding project

May '09 - World Bank/ Commonwealth Youth program Boys at Risk in the Caribbean conference, Jamaica - Stephen King panelist

May '09 - Hosted Healthy Lifestyle School & Community Retreats at Sir Ira Simmons Secondary; Leon Hess Secondary; Wilton’s Yard community

May '09 - Formed National Youth Service implementation team with Ministry of Youth

May '09 - World Bank/CYP ‘Boys at Risk’ conference panel presenter (Stephen King), Jamaica 

May '09 - UNICEF–EC Child Sexual Abuse research presentation – Session chair (Jaqueline Bird)

May '09 - They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) collaboration for TOCO SOCCER - founded by St. Lucian artiste Taj Weekes to help underprivileged, at-risk children in the Caribbean through sport, enrichment, educational and wellness programs; equipment donation to I CAN Soufriere youth group

June '09 - Life Skills Training program – Upton Gardens Girls/Boys Training Center youth through April ' 11

June '09 - Grand opening of Castries Youth-friendly Space-RISE office, Brazil Street—June ‘09


RIDE WITH PROTECTION: In celebration of Youth Month, a bicycle race ‘plus’ targeting traditionally hard-to-reach, at-risk youth to address the rising problem of HIV/AIDS in St. Lucia. Partners and supporters included Mystic Elements, Sound City Crew, National HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Program, Ministry of Health, Royal St. Lucia Police Force, St. Lucia Red Cross, Universal Cycle Center, St. Lucia Cycle Association, St. Lucia Motor Cross riders.

4H-St. Lucia Leadership & Sustainability project oversight; funded by Canadian High Commission and National HIV/AIDS Program 2008

Weekly Youth-friendly service at Boys Training Center with Community Child Health Service

Babonneau Healthy Community/Mens’ Health initiative

Canaries Youth development project with Poverty Reduction Fund

2008 Global Youth Service– encouraged a community service project by Upton Gardens’ Girls school – backyard garden vegetable production and donation to 2 senior citizens homes

Became local host agency for International Hospital for Children, Virginia, USA

Provided technical support and sponsorship to the Soufriere Summer Enrichment Committee’s Community, Youth, & Leadership Development Conference

Listed on SEARCH Institute’s Healthy Community Healthy Youth Initiatives – Sept ‘08

Participated in Soufriere Regional Development Foundation 2nd Annual Tertiary Education & Trades Fair by holding a National Youth Service boothParticipated as an observer member of the St. Lucia Substance Abuse Secretariat Council


21st November 2007 - incorporated as a non-profit organization

Facilitated school & community youth engagement sessions with Mystic Elements soca group (Ninja Dan, Isla Man, Platinum George, Cupid) in 10 schools using entertainment to impart positive life messages to school children; Four “help develop your community” days to mobilize communities to engage in healthy family oriented and community development activities.

December '07 - St. Lucia National Youth Service feasibility project with NYS, Jamaica

Ciceron Secondary School Peer Health Education/Anti-violence Initiative & health promoting school plan implementation;Stop Violence & AIDS concerts ’07 & ’08; Working with the school to establish it as a WHO health promoting school; Worked with the school and St. Lucia Red Cross to implement the peer helpers programme in the school; Supported the school in its production of television ads promoting sexual health and non-violence

Meetings with policy makers to sensitize them to, and present proposals for financing of youth development programs in 2007-2008: Prime Minister and staff; Minister and Director of Youth and Sports; Minister and officials of Ministry of Education